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  • Next Person Centred Skills course

    This 25 hr Self Awareness and Active Listening Skills course is about developing your understanding of active listening and relating in a way that embodies an attitude of genuine, non-judgmental understanding. The focus of the course is on experiential group work to help foster the self awareness needed to develop these essential qualities. You will be encouraged to reflect on your own experience and listen to others in a caring, respectful and open manner. It is important to understand that knowing oneself is a fundamental aspect of the effective use of active listening skills. It is this focus on personal development, which draws many students to this course. They are keen to discover who they are and how they may be more fully themselves in future relationships. Active Listening Skills can be useful to anyone who wants to relate to others in a meaningful way. It is a non-directive approach, where the listener focuses on understanding the speaker from their perspective; and where the listener allows the speaker to find their own solutions. Past students have included teachers, social workers, therapists, parents, health workers, HR, artists, musicians and those from the voluntary sector. This ‘way of being’ relies on the constructive nature of the relationship between two people, rather than the use of ‘techniques’ by one over the other; and is in line with Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Approach.

  • Next Person Centred Theory course

    This 20 hr Person Centred Theory course gives you the time to focus on Carl Rogers’ theory, which offers you fantastic grounding for some really useful personal development work. Through using your own personal experience as a resource, you will understand how you have come to where you are now; and what choices are available to you to support your development and growth. It will also help you to support those around you who are developing and growing; for example your children, pupils at school, clients, etc. This course includes an Encounter Day (see Encounter). By the end of the course you will have developed an understanding of the key concepts in Rogers’ Personality Theory, particularly the Actualising Tendency and the impact of Conditional Worth. You will be able to use these concepts in understanding yourself and others. You will also identify personal values, influences and key aspects of own personal growth in the light of person-centred theory; and be able to recognise aspects of your own process in group settings.

  • Walk and Talk Coaching

    Some find it easier to walk and talk: to talk about important things when they are on the move. The Mind and Body are one system, which means that if we move our bodies our minds will also alter. This is hugely helpful when trying to find solutions to a problem that may feel a bit stuck. Walking and talking can encourage creative, deeper ways of thinking; and through connecting with the natural world around us, we also make room for a deeper connection with ourselves. This Coaching option is offered at the reduced rate of £30 ph.